Four Ride Format

The ride has gotten more and more popular over the years.  This is exciting and fun!  In order to keep the rides safe, manageable, and accessible to people of varying degrees of fitness, we’ve evolved the ride into four different groups, each with it’s own general theme.  The four groups are called Threshold, Tempo Paved, Tempo Dirt, and Endurance. You can decide each morning which group pace feels right for you.  The Tempo Paved tends to be the largest group and so the group may have to be split up and leave Amante in waves. We recommend you follow these guidelines.


  • All four groups will arrive between 6:15 am and 6:30 am each week for pre-ride socializing.
  • At 6:30, the Threshold Group will start off, followed within a couple of minutes by Tempo Group, and then the Endurance Group.
  • Each rider can choose which group he or she wants  to ride with on a given week, knowing what the protocol and route plan are.  If you are a beginner, none of these rides are going to work for you until you gain more experience and fitness.
  • Each group will have one leader/sponsor who will choose that week’s route.  The route should be similar, but the conversational group will ride a little bit shorter distance than the pace groups.  See example below.
  • Sponsors will still have the option of offering primes, however, they must follow certain guidelines for safety (see below).

Prime Guidelines

  • The prime must have a very well understood start and finish, with “neutral” in effect up until the official start of the prime.
  • Prime locations must be either the top of climbs (eg., Olde Stage summit, Lee Hill Summit, Left Hand Fire Station, the end of the pavement on 51st behind the reservoir).  The start points need to be clear land marks (eg., the turnoff from Left Hand to Old Stage, the turnoff from Left Hand to Lee Hill, the turnoff from 63rd to Monarch).
  • More inclusive primes are encouraged.  (eg., primes that are only for women, or only for non-licensed riders of a certain age group).  Primes for ugliest bike, socks, jersey, etc, are also strongly encouraged!

Example Ride

The Threshold and Tempo groups will head out on US 36, up to St Vrain Road, out to 75th, and then return on Neva Road, turning left on 36 (watching for cars) and back to Amante.  The first non-licensed rider to reach the stop sign warning sign on Nelson wins an SVB jersey.

The Endurance Group will ride out to Nelson Road, and back by way of Niwot and Neva, turning left on 36 and back to Amante.  The first rider over 50 that reaches the stop sign warning sign wins a $25 Amante Gift card.

In the above example, there is a reasonable chance that the two groups might converge at some point, with the Threshold and Tempo groups catching up to the Endurance group.