Sponsorship Information

Sponsor privileges and expectations

  • Choice of one of the ride plans for the week.  You must plan this at least one week before your date.  The ride should be no more than 1 1/2 hours long at at the pace designated for your group, and not involve too many complicated turns or crosses of heavy traffic.   The intent is to stay together for the entire first half of the ride at relatively easy pace, then allow up to tempo during the second half, regrouping after climbs or optional designated sprint primes.
  • In addition to the ride introduction, we will include a 1 or 2 paragraph promotional message in the weekly invitation. If we don’t already have the most current graphic, please send over a medium to high quality .jpg format file of your logo and indicate your web page URL to be linked.
  • You may also choose to designate one or two “KOM” spots along the route, where people that want to charge ahead can do so, and then wait for the rest of the group to get back on.  This is a great opportunity to offer some kind of perk, like a gift card or a box of fruit loops, as an example from last year, but offering a prime is not necessary, and fun “non-competitive” primes are preferred.
  • The route plan you suggest is subject to review/approval by the organizers and must be received one week or more prior to your scheduled ride, so we can get your message out for the upcoming ride, a day or two after the ride just completed.  Submit your suggested route and sponsor blurb by filling out this questionnaire.
  • Although we do not share the list and do not want the group to feel they are getting spammed, we will allow you as a sponsor, once per year, to send a message of interest out to the group as a whole.  This could be promoting your company and offering some kind of special, notification of an event, either a fun event or fundraising event, or promoting a favorite charity.  At least one week prior to your event, submit the message you wish to share with the group.
  • Sponsors/ride leaders must have been past ride participants.  And of course, you must show up or designate someone to represent your company for your chosen ride.
  • The Tour de France weeks are considered “premium” weeks. If you are sponsoring that week, we encourage you to offer “a little something extra” and encourage people to stay.  Suggestion, in addition to coffee/pastries, keep the tab open at Amante until the end of the stage.  Please don’t ask for those dates unless you are prepared to pony up a little more than just the regular coffee + pastries.
  • Past year and kit sponsors will be notified in March or April and will have first choice of which week they would like to sponsor. Request to sponsor.