2016 Kit Sponsors

As of Tuesday November 3rd at 9:00 PM, the kit sponsorship slots are SOLD OUT!  Thanks all the sponsors that were fast enough to get in on it.  Sponsors are shown below. Sponsor slots are offered on a first come first served basis, with priority given first to organizers, then to 2015 weekly sponsors, and finally to all other past or interested sponsors.

Level Placement 2016 price 2016 Sponsor
Title 1 Front chest, Right Leg Panel, right arm warmer $ 1,500  Mann & Maximon
Title2 Middle back, Left Leg Panel, left arm warmer $ 1,000 Sweet Sadie
Elite6 butt – central $ 750 Lockton
Elite1 Shoulder blade area jersey/vest $ 500 Solar Glass
Elite2 Right side jersey/vest $ 500  Workshop 8
Elite3 Left side jersey/vest $ 500   KB Studio
Elite4 Right jersey ab jersey/vest $ 500  MagInfo
Elite5 Left jersey ab jersey/vest $ 500  Merrill Lynch
Premium1 Right shoulder $ 300  Alta Physical Therapy
Premium2 Left shoulder $ 300 KKO
Premium3 Right arm band $ 300 MG Stover
Premium4 Left arm band $ 300 Juniper Wealth
Premium5 Right leg cuff $ 300  Bryan Cave
Premium6 Left leg cuff $ 300  Lake Valley CC
Club1 Lower back upper left (pocket) $ 200  Cardinal Peak
Club2 Lower back lower left (pocket) $ 200  Gorilla Logic
Club3 Lower back upper middle (pocket) $ 200 Global Weather
Club4 Lower back lower middle (pocket) $ 200  Kilter Howling
Club5 Lower back upper right (pocket) $ 200  Boulder Beer
Club6 Lower back lower right (pocket) $ 200 Boulder Nordic
Club7 Middle back left $ 200 Simply Persnickety
Club8 Middle back right $ 200 MAXX Properties